Nearly ½ of human population faces heart related problems

Our heart can be a silent killer or our biggest friend, helping us prevent diseases on the earliest stage and giving us valuable insights on our health and physical condition. But first we need to understand heart’s language.

That’s why we created

Mawi. Heart translator

A heart rate screener smaller than your watch. Measuring your heart rate as accurate as a cardiograph does. Translating it into human language. Sending data to your doctor and giving you daily wellness advice.

People scanned
Different neural
networks are used


The most accurate personal cardiograph.

Equipped with ECG chip, MAWI is capable of monitoring HRV, variation in the time between heartbeats. MAWI is measuring pulse as accurate as a cardiograph does. While modern fitness bracelets and Apple Watch can only offer 83-91% accuracy.

Using AI cloud solutions.

Powerful algorithm analyzes your heart data and detects your stress, energy level and emotional state.