About us

Forewarned is forearmed. We believe that the average life expectancy can grow because of the wearable-enabled monitoring of our vital signals. We believe in 3P medicine and it drives us every day to gaining even deeper cardio and AI expertise and smarter technical solutions. Everyone should have an easy access to his wellness and health data. We stand for the conscious long and healthy life that can be improved by the everyday smart decisions For conscious life, for high quality long life which smart everyday decisions may bring.

How did we start

The team of talented engineers with passion for Data science, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning was working on the scientific research that eventually established the company’s mission and a clear goal - to make the heart data accessible to each person and to prevent the heart’s “silent killers”.

Keeping this in mind, we transformed our scientific research into an ECG analyzing prototype able to detect the heart diseases in the early stages. Our startup took part in the startup competition of the Singularity University labs and the Global Impact Challenge (2016). During the acceleration in SingularityU Kyiv Chapter we crystalized our goals - to provide every person with a possibility to track the heart rate whenever it’s needed. That’s why we created the Mawi band, a portable wrist cardiograph.

Non stop growth

Our latest project “Mawi Research Platform” is aimed at helping researchers all over the world to make their own studies, join the studies, analyze data, share insights and move all together one step forward to overcome cardiovascular diseases challenge that modern society faced.

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