So, what’s inside?

Core of the Mawi eco-system is a number of Artificial intelligence algorithms, that process the heart data and provide you with the “translation”. The Analysis of 26 HRV indexes makes it possible to bring you a general state of “body” and “mind”, i.e your current physical and emotional condition as well as the level of stress. And the most valuable result is the detection of potential unfavourable heart conditions, like arrhythmias, extrasystoles, etc.


AI-powered ECG band.

Stylish and small, yet powerful tool for your wellness management. Warns you about potential unfavourable heart conditions. Provides with current wellness state data to support everyday decisions.

What value it brings?

Relying on the screening results MAWI may warn you in advance about the possibility of the heart diseases and suggest you taking a proper medical consultation from your healthcare specialist. Track the changes of your wellness condition day by day, manage the stress level, avoid burnout and other unpleasant consequences of the lack of information.


Mawi band features

Personal cardiograph
ECG within 1-3 minutes
Easy-to-understand results
HRV analysis
Detects potential signs of heart troubles
Provides valuable insights and recommendations
Original features
Allows download your ECG and HRV data in pdf
Estimates stress level
Measures productivity level
Daily wellness analytics
Calorie counter
Overall activity tracker
Weight and BMI charts
Sleep quality
ECG reminder
Alarm clock
How does MAWI stand out?

Technology is the answer. Mawi measures ECG using closed circuit of electrodes, while most of other wearables measure heart rate with ppg sensors. That’s why in terms of the accuracy of ECG data and heart rate calculation Mawi band can be compared to a professional medical cardiograph.

Mawi band specifications
- Up to 7 days battery life
- Bluetooth LE 4.2
- Accelerometer, gyroscope
- OLED display 0.49"
- Waterproof IP65
- Magnetic charger connector
- Fits wrists 145 – 215 mm / 5.7"– 8.5" in circumference
- Replaceable bands
- Hypoallergenic materials

Free Mawi Health Mobile app contains:

- screening, view, share and manage screening results;

- steps, distance, calories, active time, sleep quality, weight & BMI;

- pair/unpair MAWI band, MAWI band settings, firmware update;

- MAWI user profile

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