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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

People are the most valuable asset any company has. When people get sick or unhappy they become less productive and consequently company’s results go down. Mawi helps you track physical and emotional health of the whole company in general and each individual in particular to provide them with what they need to deliver better results and stay engaged.

Stress-map of organization

Detect a problem. Stay informed and plan actions to avoid risks using up-to-date qualitative data.


Burnout monitoring

Heart rate screening identifies various levels of stress: from total relaxation to absolute burnout. Mawi helps you detecting critical situations before they’ve even occurred.


Reduced staff turnover

Engage with the employees. Improve the quality of work by offering your employees activities and support their need to keep a balanced level of stress and productivity.


Optimize your resources, reduce the health care costs and increase company’s results with Mawi!

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