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Healthcare & Wellness Centers

Healthcare & Wellness Centers

We help you create an innovative wellness experience for your customers during their therapy and stay connected to them after they finish it.


Remote monitoring & Alerts

Usings his Mawi service package, the patient gets permanent monitoring of his health condition. His doctor receives alerts on any important unfavourable heart condition. The daily health tracking doesn’t take much time or effort, but gives your client the feeling of confidence instead of anxiousness, replaces fear with information.


Client retention

While doing daily screenings that device analyses and sends to his doctor, the client feels support and care. Patient’s satisfaction and life quality improvement is a good basis for building connection and trust. Besides it’s an additional convenient approach to keep clients informed and engaged with your services.



Doctors receive more data enabling them to give more valuable feedback and recommendations to the patients offline and online.


Be the pioneer at innovative customer experience with Mawi!

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