Solution for

Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies

Offer your customers daily care, not only ‘emergency days’ care.


Care packages

Together we can create innovative Care Packages for various groups of your clients: elderly people, professional sportsmens etc. Each package may contain prepaid services like regular online check with physician, few visits to the doctor, informing children about their elderly parents condition etc.


Health state estimation

Offer new customer experience to your clients. Health check up for new clients and continuous monitoring afterwards. A pattern, when the client is permanently under the doctor’s control which helps discovering unfavourable heart conditions and monitoring the treatment.


Client engagement

Bring more value to your clients. With Mawi band they get regular insights on their physical and emotional condition. Also, this allows you to stay connected, communicate to your client via the mobile app.


Stay connected to the hearts of your clients through AI-powered device anytime with MAWI!

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